Graduation Gifts for Him

Don’t worry, dudes. I wasn’t going to leave you hanging in the gift department. Even though I personally only know lots of ladies graduating this year, it doesn’t mean I can’t virtually shop for some guys who are graduating. And just like the lady version, it’s time for the guys to get some cool staples to take them from the dorm life (no more frat parties and stale burritos), into the working-man life (cue craft cocktails and taco trucks).graduation gifts for HIMLet’s get started, shall we?

1. USB Cable (charger) c/o J.Crew: perfect charger cable for the working man. It has style, and yet isn’t “trying too hard”.

2. Basic Leather Belt c/o Gap: you’d be surprised how many guys don’t have a real leather belt. No tassels, no braids, no hemp… just a simple leather belt. This is a total necessity in my book–and he’ll need a black one too.

3. Self Watering Planter c/o Uncommon Goods: whether it’s in your office or in your home, you’ll need to start getting plants after you graduate. Not only does it tell the ladies that you have a care-giving side, but they’re good for you, keeping the air clean and fresh. They also make a sparse bachelor pad feel more “homey”. And the ladies will love it.

4. Ludlow Dress Shirt c/o J.Crew: Entering into the world of job interviews could mean a lot of different things these days and there are rules depending on what type of job it is. Do I need a tie? Jacket? Can I show my personal style? And this is the perfect shirt. Well tailored, and a good fit. Blue looks good on almost everyone. Get this now (and it’s on sale).

5. Leather Magic Wallet c/o J.Crew: Another good one for the modern man. No need for bulging back pockets anymore, guys. No one likes that “look”. Look through your wallet now. There are probably 2-6 cards that you need. Not 25. Keep your discount cards and membership cards in your car and grab them when you go to that place. Simple. Don’t need to tote them around all the time. Clean and simple is the way to go here.

6. Working Man Hygiene Kit c/o Uncommon Goods: This is a great gift that serves at a gag-that-is-totally-useful. Everyone will laugh and say…ha ha…hygiene kit. And then the gift recipient will totally put this gift to use that night. Guys aren’t always sure what to get when it comes to grooming products (okay, I’m generalizing here). But this gives them the necessities, and I think it’s a great gift.

7. Multipurpose Tool Set: Every man (and woman) needs a universal tool set. This has all the basics you need before you graduate to power tools. And it is a total necessity for once you leave the dorms or rented student apartment for your own place. Unless you’re moving back to your parent’s house…they probably have something like this.

As with the ladies, other acceptable gifts for grads are cash, money, moolah, a place to live, gift cards, ipads, oh, and money. Any other good gift ideas for male grads? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Graduation Gifts for Him

  1. As a fairly new user of the Magic Wallet (#5, which I got for Christmas last year), I’m a HUGE fan. A must-have for anyone who has a wallet they want to take out of their pocket when they sit down.

  2. I’ve had my wallet for more than 15 and it’s gross but I love it. I probably would need that and a plant. But I’m an old folk, too.

    • Luckily you’re not graduating, so you’re not getting a new wallet 🙂 The plants are great for anytime and anyone though, so maybe you could get that.

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