5 Links to Share

Happy Friday, y’all! Ugh, I made it through this crazy week and I am happy to share some awesome stuff today with y’all!may 5 links to share

So let’s get started, shall we?

joanna-goddardFirst up, the perfect date night questionnaire of ‘Would you Rather’ for your partner via Cup of Jo. (This one includes new questions like “would you rather make more money or get more vacation time” and “would you rather be an amazing cook, or an amazing dancer”). I love playing games like this with David, and also with friends. You always learn new things!

bundy-660x446Second, this totally interesting story via Wired on what it’s like to listen to psychopaths for a living, told from Kent Kiehl, a neuroscientist. David sent this to me, knowing how odd his wife is, and how interested I am in what makes psychotic people’s brains different. (because there has to be something, right?)

funny-dog-car-shelter-seat-home-rescue-cuteThird, everyone loves a good dog story (particularly after the scary news break this week about the cat rescuing the child from harm’s way), to remind us that dogs are loveable creatures that deserve life outside of shelters. Check out these pups on their way out of the shelter, for good!

shop ruche earringsFourth, I love a good piece of costume jewelry that doesn’t cost me much, and I found a lot of great earrings and rings at Shop Ruche, most of their accessories ranging from $5-$40! They also have super cute dresses for spring and summer, so check them out if you haven’t yet.

diy entryway tableAnd lastly, I love a good DIY and this entryway table via ABM is really nice! I’m not even sure I’d paint it—maybe just stain it. Such a good staple for any entryway, hallway or even bathroom (look at that storage).

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