Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Boy

COLONEL HEAD SHOTToday is a very special day, for someone very special in our lives. My husband and I adopted Colonel Mustard almost 4 years ago, and today is his 4th Birthday! So today is “roughly” his birthday. We decided on November 12th because it is David’s half-birthday, making it easy to remember. (Since David makes SUCH a big deal about his half-birthday each year. Yes, we all know, David, you’re 33 and a half today!) Since you’ve heard me talk about the sweet boy, (Read more about his crazy adoption story here), I’ll turn it over to Colonel’s dad, David. Since they do share the half birthday/birthday connection after all. It’s all about the boys…

Here’s David.

Four years ago, Bean and I were newlyweds, and I was in my senior year in seminary. At the time, I had no idea where I’d be going after I graduated, didn’t know where we’d be living, and I surely didn’t have an inkling that in just a couple of months, we’d become dog owners. 
If you’ve heard me talk about Colonel Mustard, you’ve heard that the first several weeks were hell — for me more than for Bean. We got him when he was 9 weeks old, and the vet told us we couldn’t take him outdoors at all until he got his second round of shots at 15 weeks. We dutifully kept him indoors, and about a half a dozen times a day we had to clean up his poop and pee in the hallway and the puppy pee pads that he utterly destroyed (yup, after peeing on them) on a daily basis. We lasted about a week before we finally took him outside, and he loved every second of playing in dirty snow and peeing all over the place. 
In the early going, in one of my worst moments as a human being, I openly told Bean I didn’t know if we could keep him — I didn’t think my sanity could take it. Thank God that was never an option for her, and when I think about it, I don’t think I actually could’ve gone through giving him back, even as tired and irritated as I was. Bean knew that it would get better — the biting and peeing and pooping indoors and whining and ripping up all of our stuff would eventually fall by the wayside, and we’d have an awesome dog that we would love. And, as is usually the case, she was right. 
Four years ago on this day (or, sometime around this day), he and a bunch of his brothers/sisters were born somewhere in North Carolina. He’s calmed down an awful lot since those early days, but he is still just as rambunctious and silly as he’s ever been. Happy birthday buddy, and thanks for everything you do for your mom and me. 2011 to 2014

Thanks David for the kind words! Here are some great pics from the past four years of our little trouble maker. Colonel Collage 2 Colonel Collage 1 Colonel Collage 3

For dog lovers, and for doggy GIFT IDEAS, check out my Pinterest Board for dog stuff, and Happy Birthday Colonel Mustard!



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