Thoughts On: Blogging + Full Time Job

bean and davidSo, since I started this little writing journey, I’ve always been employed. Full time. In something that isn’t really related at all to what I write about here. Part of me feels like, yeah, 8+ hours a day are spent talking about worky things, so when I write here, I don’t want it to be that. I want it to be more personal. More live-journaling, but without being risqué or weird.

Oh. Speaking of diaries, true (and embarrassing) fact: when I first started my diary when I was like 6 or 7, I wrote in it like I was Ann Frank. That sounds weird…let me explain. I wrote my diary like I knew someone would one day read it. So I was all, “Dear Diary, my house is haunted. Please help. My address is _________________, and my phone number is _____________. Love Bean. ” Little did I know, no one cares now what’s in that diary…other than my sisters who definitely read it. Oh and I read theirs too…sisters are mean and cruel. I know because I am one. And I have two.  They also probably write their diaries for each other (i.e. “If you’re reading this, you know I hate you!”).

Man, that was a long segue to say that finding time to write is important to me, even after work hours. I found that when we moved and I started a new job (that I’m really enjoying btw), I needed the month of not blogging to work on my real-job. To get situated. To get settled. To do some research and some after hours reading about my new gig. But after over a month, I’m beginning to be situated and settled a bit more. And so I found myself having some spare time at night again. So I came back here. And just started writing. And it is good.

colonelThis blog has been an evolution. It started when I signed up to read the whole Bible in a year (which does NOT read like a novel by the way), and then I began talking about things I simply like. Design, fashion, reality TV, my dog. And I’ll probably keep talking about things I like, and that’ll be that. Since this isn’t my “job” I feel like I have a little leeway to not “define” it as often bloggers make me feel like I should. I like cooking, writing, DIYs and designs, clothes, I like my husband and my dog, I like these dots “…”, so yeah, it’ll all probably continue to appear here. Sprinkled with music, movies, work outs, and trashy TV (can we please talk about Bravo’s Below Deck…omg), that’s pretty much what happens here. Thanks for hanging out here with me.



8 thoughts on “Thoughts On: Blogging + Full Time Job

  1. LOL the segue about diaries and your sisters was hilarious. More writing like THAT, please. Can you tell more old family stories on this blog and how they connect to your life today?

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