Guess Who’s Back

with loveMajor stream of consciousness writing coming your way…hold tight, folks.

Okay, okay. I missed you. Since moving to Atlanta though, my life has been a tailspin. Mostly it’s been good and I’ve been busy being out and about with friends and family. There’s the flip side though, because I was most definitely in a writing-rut, which I guess happens sometimes. I felt uninspired. Food in my smaller kitchen felt harder to share. I didn’t want to share anymore rooms in my house because, well…I didn’t know what to do to them to make them better. We couldn’t figure out the best configurations and best use-of-space in our new house, which was frustrating. When that type thing happens and you feel unsettled in your home, other things around you feel unsettled—at least for me they do. My house didn’t “fit” right, which meant things were kind of disorganized and messy. I didn’t have a “place” to hang a jacket. I didn’t have a “place” for that extra dining room chair. We have to move the coffee table to work out, which means we never move it back. Everything around the house feel kind of “blah” and not-right…and then that changed. Something happened this weekend. I felt rejuvenated. I felt inspired. I wanted to write via Love Ya Bean It again. I’m not a major “stat-watcher” here, since well, I’m not getting paid to do this. But when I left writing for about a month and the stats didn’t plummet, I was kind of like, “well, huh. People are still reading.” Surely reading older content, maybe grabbing DIYs and recipes from Pinterest, but it told me most importantly—that people were still engaged. And as my life begins to fall into place a little bit at least, I figured I’d resurface and give this a shot again. So I’ve made some home improvements, I’ve hosted some get-togethers, I’m about to run my first half-marathon…I’ve got a lot to share! I just need to get it all out of my head…so hang tight. Keep coming and keep reading. And thanks for those of you that kept coming and kept reading this past month, you’re great.


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