Life Happens.

37e865be5b7c6eb24bd713c688d71ef6With new and exciting changes come…new and exciting changes. When I moved to Atlanta, I found myself reinvigorated. Was it the city? Was it the friends? The family? The traffic long thought-provoking drives? Who knows, maybe all of those things. But with all of that came an invigorating feeling to be doing things. And perhaps that also meant more living in that moment and less “documenting that moment” for this here blog. So, yep, you’ve probably seen my absence. I’ve been doing and seeing, and not documenting. I’ve hosted get-togethers, begun training for a half marathon, started a new job (!!), helped my little sister and parents in renovations and redecorations, said goodbye to loved ones, planted things, snuggled Colonel Mustard, cooked, hugged friends, missed other friends, and just continued to live my life. And for the most part, it hasn’t been online. So while I don’t plan to pull the plug here, I do plan to scale back and write when it feels important or feels like I need an outlet. Post’s like this perhaps, until I get inspired. The truth of the matter is, with all of those things listed above, I just let the blog take a backseat. I have been back “home” and there are lots of things happening here. Good things. Busy things. So yeah, I’ll be around, but it won’t be regular right now. Not while I’m learning a new job, and then doing that job, all while training for a half marathon, cooking dinners, walking the dog, and spending time with loved ones…Capiche? Capiche.

And for what it’s worth, I still excessively pin things on Pinterest (and yes, still color coordinate my boards) and occasionally tweet fun things, so keep following me in those places. 🙂


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