All About: Final Cut

Chances are, you also love Anthropologie. If you’re reading this blog and if you’re a girl,  you’d love to outfit yourself, your home, and your whole life in everything Anthropologie, #amiright? And occasionally for weddings, parties, or celebratory nights out, you pop into the store and get a couple new things. Or you see kitchen accessories that are too great to pass up. But the prices are high (at least for myself), and the stuff is so great, you usually leave wanting more.

final cutEnter FINAL CUT. omg. My friend Chris emailed a couple months ago about Final Cut and how we must make a lady-trip down there to shop, and it was fabulous. And crazy. And I bought tons of things. We all did.

So what is it? It’s a retailer that offers majorly discounted items from a wide array of retailers, but what we’re all looking for…is the Anthro stuff. And boy do they have it. I will say that like the J.Crew/Madewell Warehouse sale in Arden, NC (I wrote about here), you have to be prepared to sift through a lot of bad with the good. The mgr told us that they get merch. from target, urban outfitters, LOFT, etc., so just be ready to keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff. (Not that target isn’t good, I love Target, but I don’t generally drive 2 hours for target gear).

Here are some pics from their fb page, showing the types of things they have in addition to racks and racks of clothes. I didn’t get furniture because we have enough for the rental house we’re in, but they had tons of really good looking stuff. They had an amazing leather sofa that retails for around $5,000 for $1,800. Two of my girlfriends got furniture, a MCM coffee table for $45, and a MCM night table for $25. And it’s all great stuff.3 1 2Oh, the rugs. I def want to go back with David (I’m sure he’ll be thrilled) to check out rugs and furniture. They do have guy stuff also btw, mostly Urban Outfitters (same company as Anthro), and stuff like that.

So how were the clothing prices?

When we went, ALL tee’s and tanks were $5. So that was great.

Dresses/skirts/mostly everything else, were between $10-$25.

Shoes, around $10-$30.

Accessories, around $5-$10.

Housewares, $5-$25ish.

Books $5-$15.

It was amazing. They even had a ton of bedding, like good Mara Hoffman stuff. I lugged around this comforter for 2 hours before I realized it was $90 and I didn’t need a new comforter yet…but it was a total steal. (for the record, I liked the navy side the best).

So there ya have it. Load up all of your lady friends like we did, and go buy things on sale. I got a skirt, 2 dresses, 2 tops, and a jumper for around $90. Considering I got this dress and it is on SALE right now at anthro right now for $79.95, I’d say I did pretty well, since I got that, and 5 more things. So yeah, follow them on FB to check the hours and address info, and then hit the road and go there. Or maybe don’t…because I want all of the things. (#allofthethings quickly became the weekend slogan with the ladies…thanks Anna!)




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