Style Crush on Hilary Rushford

This weekend I stumbled across Dean Street Society and I already love Hilary Rushford (Instagram @hilaryrushford). She’s the non-annoying Zooey Deschanel sister-from-another-mister (aka not her sister at all), who has great taste and great tips. After a several hour shopping spree with some of the lady friends this weekend (more to come on that!), I’ve found that so much about what you wear is learning what shapes look good on your body type. Mixing and matching patterns and colors for me isn’t the hard part, it’s finding things that suit my body (so I’m not sucking in or adjusting straps all night), finding classics that work, and then mixing in some trends for fun.

This video is mostly for the ladies who are in a closet rut like me, who look at TONS of stuff and still pick the same 5 outfits, but Hilary’s got some great tips and so I figured I’d give this video a more public share because she’s totally sold me! I’ve already began my quest for more personal style clarity, so let me know if you’re on board too. Oh and watch the intro video below to know what the heck I’m talking about.

I’m beginning my Style and Styleability challenge right away, whatcha think? Ladies? Gents? Who’s with me? CLICK HERE TO JOIN IN!


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