Black Bean Cakes and Mango Salsa

Everyone loves burgers in the summer, and so when David and I found this recipe in Cooking Light (thanks, Mom!), we knew we had to give them a shot. My mom made them at the lake a few years ago, and like most things eaten on a porch overlooking the mountains, they were delicious.

The only thing we changed this time was we made the black bean cakes and mango salsa into a salad, rather than a traditional burger. We eat carbs, but we also try not to over indulge in heavy carbs at dinner time. So anywho, ours was a salad. And it was are the ones we had (still experimenting with pics in the new kitchen, so it’s not great light). You get the idea.

black bean cakesoh, and our recipe made 8-9 cakes, so we’ve had leftovers which has been great. I’ve eaten bean cakes in a pita for lunch, or bean cakes with an egg and spinach for breakfast. For vegetarians like myself, we’re always on the hunt for protein at every meal, particularly natural proteins (that aren’t a meat substitute or something), so this is a great way to do it. Yum…..IMG_1273


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