Some Thoughts…

job quoteHey out there! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed by now that I haven’t been around as often. Part of that is summer, for sure. But here’s the other truth.

There’s a bit of a mental conflict going on over here…in my head, because I said mental. On one hand, I keep telling myself, while you’re looking for a job in Atlanta, you should write a ton of blog content. Ya know, have it all stored up so when you go on vacation or have a really busy day, you’ll have something to share. And with a move, a new house, and a new city, I’ve got tons of ideas jotted down for blog content.

But here comes the other side of my brain. Since I haven’t found a job yet, I feel like my time needs to be spent doing job-hunty things, and that if I focus too much here, I won’t be focusing enough over there. I really want a job, obvi. But it takes time. Time to look. Time to apply. Time to interview. Time to network. Time to meet folks. Time to schmooze. Time to look more and apply more and interview more.

So with that, I feel like until I begin working, I should focus on the hunt, and making it a priority. Is this crazy talk? Can’t I do both? Am I missing something?



One thought on “Some Thoughts…

  1. Beansie: first of all, remember what I told you in New York the last time you were looking for a job? It was this:

    Here’s an idea. Work “full-time” at the job search, like 9-5 or something, and then work on the blog in the evenings, just like you did in COL’A. That way you’ll be “working” during work hours and “playing” during play hours. Also, I’ve always told you about your blog’s potential. Don’t give up on it. But also don’t forget The Sillhouettes’ words of wisdom. DIP DIP DIP DIP DIP

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