Happy 4th (or 10…) Anniversary!

47834_764849024417_2399718_nToday is our fourth wedding anniversary, or our TENTH year together. WOW! We probably won’t keep track of dating years too much longer, but it  is pretty amazing and special that we’ve been together since I was 19 (eek!) and now I’m 29 (eek!). For those of you that don’t know, we grew up going to the same summer camp, but were 4 years apart, so David went to camp with my big sister. We started dating my first summer on Camp Mikell Summer Staff, and dated long distance while I finished up my last three years of college. After graduating and moving to Athens, we made plans to move to NYC, and then to SC, and now in GA. We’ve moved and traveled and gone through a lot in our ten years, but the last four are especially great.

We decided to get married at Camp Mikell, too. It seemed to be the most “us” place we could think of. We met there, we dated there, we still try to get up there every summer…it was only fitting to get married there.

Fun fact: David started going to Mikell as a camper in 1989 when he was 8, and I started in 1993 when I was 8, and we’ve been there in some capacity every summer since we were 8 years old. Never NOT been there in the summer. Pretty cool. 

47834_764849029407_183730_nIn case you haven’t heard, we had the MOST FUN WEDDING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF WEDDINGS. I mean, people say, “you might not have much fun at your wedding because it flies by”, but oh no…we weren’t having that. Stories will forever be told about our wedding, all of which we can look back at now and remember one of the best nights of our lives. Stories like the drunk photographer, pipes backing up in Claiborne, catching rattlesnakes, the bride being lifted up in a FOLDING chair because she said so, catching skunks, the best friend green tomatoes ever, a caterer passing out, people moving beds, late night swimming, did I mention the drunk photographer (who was not a friend for the record), and so many more that continue to come out that I won’t share on the blog (you’re all welcome).

Needless to say, it was insanely fun. We danced. We drank. We sang. David and his groomsmen played music. The bridesmaids played music. We ate poundcake. And cobbler. We ended the wedding with Ween. Yeah. We had the most fun ever, four years ago today. Here are some of the best pictures before the photographer got sloshed. We can joke about it now, right mom?

Happy 4 years David!

58390_770414985187_6302015_n  62515_770415244667_7727546_n  62515_770415254647_2193943_n  62515_770415259637_2811841_n  62515_770415264627_6050010_n  62515_770415274607_710656_n  61297_770415638877_2771420_n  60842_770416816517_1607397_n  59072_770417250647_2257060_n  47135_764650766727_3352119_n  47135_764650771717_1910251_n  46786_764652094067_5236033_n  48050_764652513227_506670_n  47441_764849403657_3111567_n  58406_764849643177_1221746_n  58406_764849678107_6183830_n  58416_764849937587_5306752_n  58249_764850591277_532396_n  41309_764851569317_7273654_n  58272_764853705037_4951709_n Thanks Mom and Dad and Nancy and Jack for throwing the best party ever! We had the most amazing wedding four years ago (!!) and we love you all, and each other, very much! David, Happy four years!collage anniversary


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