Ladies Night via Chairish

Now that I’ve moved back in Atlanta, I’ve got lots of my closest lady friends around, which is very great. And with summer being the season of grilling out and drinking rose  wine and sweet tea vodka, there’s even more pressure for David and I to work on setting up the patio outside (for all of the frequent ladies nights that I’ll be hosting). And after getting all of the other rooms together slowly but surely, I’ll just say it…I’ve neglected the backyard.

And then Chairish approached me to do a mood board for an outdoor space and I was like, “um, are y’all reading my mind”? They must have known the area that I needed to start working on. So I got my butt in gear (weird expression). One of the things I’d love to eventually have is an outdoor bar and comfy lounging area, so I used some of the lovely Charish bar stools, and then just curated the rest. What do y’all think? Would you come over?

Chairish Outdoor Ladies Night Chairs via Chairish. throw. chimes. light. jars. table.

I would definitely need additional seating, maybe a sectional like this?sectionalThis could be really great. Now I just need $500, okay? Okay, great. #gladweagree

Here are some other things on my Chairish Wishlist. Since I have so much money time to be shopping these days. chairish wishlist

Okay folks. That’s that. Now excuse my while I straighten up for ladies night.


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