4th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Like I said last year, David and I have fun each anniversary following (or trying to follow) the traditional gift recommendations. So with our FOURTH wedding anniversary coming up, we’re on Flowers/Fruit. So, ahem… that’s great for David…but for me to buy for him, that’ll be more of a challenge. But I know I can do it. I just need more time to brainstorm.

But let’s talk about flower gifts FOR HER. Because there’s a slew. Here’s a sort of “top ten” if you will. Let’s see what we’ve got!fourth anniversary header


gifts for her

one. two. three. four.

anniversary flower gifts

five. six.

gifts for her flowersseven. eight. nine. ten.

So how was that folks? I could keep going! Think of all the flower headbands, rings, necklaces, flower printed robe/kimono, coffee mugs…the list goes on and on! So no Edible Arrangements around here, folks. Those are nasty. You know someone touches the fruit to make those, right? Yuck.

Stay tuned for the “for-him” list of flower/fruit gifts for the fourth anniversary!


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