Thoughts on: Moving

This isn’t going to be a how-to or informative post per se. It’s really just using the blog to share some personal thoughts because sometimes when I share things here, I get motivated to make changes in non-blog (aka, real life) world. So this is simply my personal words and thoughts about moving and the changes we’re going through. That’s it 🙂

EASTER 2014 PICDavid and I have both been talking with friends about how a move can really toss a lot of things up in the air–mainly routines that you have established. We are “routine” kind of people, and with occasional snippets of spontaneity (“let’s go out of town this weekend”), we like our routines and tend to do well in them.

Moving though has changed a lot of that–which I am sure will all settle down once we get “settled” more, but for now…not so much. Examples: Colonel Mustard still seems a little out of sorts–probably because I keep moving his food bowl and his bed as I rearrange furniture. I also keep walking “the long way” through the new house to only get into the next room because I haven’t learned the best routes through the new place. We don’t have many groceries since we’ve been traveling a lot, so meals are out of their “normal” line up. Oh…and our workouts…have…really…slowed…down. We are both the people that pretty much lived by “do something each day”. So David was pretty religiously (no pun intended) doing T25, and while I follow a few different routines (Tone It Up, Pumps and Iron, yoga classes, running), all we’ve been doing lately is walking the dog. WHICH IS GREAT for him and us. But it’s not feeling like enough.

So what advice to folks have, other than, set-down-the-computer-ya-nerd-and-go-on-a-run? And I’m sure, once we begin to really settle, this stuff will work itself out, as it tends to do. So maybe the answer is “get a job”, since that forces things to get back in order (i.e. bedtimes, meal planning, etc.). But until that happens, what do y’all think? What helps you when you transition? What helps your pets? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Moving

  1. I hear ya, Beansie. I think you and David have done a better job of moving in and settling in than us, but I haven’t seen the state of wildness that is your new home so it might look a lot like ours. We’ve moved, switched jobs and gone on vacation like y’all, and I’m with you: I prefer a daily routine. The good news is Atlanta isn’t a “new” city for you much like New York isn’t new for us. But here are my thoughts on workin out and pets.

    1) Take the mindset that not working out is not an option. You wouldn’t not eat every day, would you? You wouldn’t not sleep every night, would you? David wouldn’t not stop playing his chess app with me every day, would he? Take the same view of your workouts, and everything else fits in around it. That’s what’s helped me in the past month, including doing INSANITY urry day at the beach. I think you know this, though.
    2) I think pets are pretty hardy, and think maybe we sometimes project our own emotions onto them to speculate on their inner states. Colonel will settle down just as y’all do.

  2. I know it is helpful to have your routines to give your lives order, but it’s OK for that take a little time. Don’t try to force it (beyond a healthy point). Things will sort themselves in time… Just like your furniture. Just as one day you will look at a way to rearrange something that makes the space roomier or whatever, and wonder ,”Why didn’t I see that before?” Suddenly one day a good pattern for your days will present itself. Take a deep breath. All will be well

  3. Great comments. I’m with them – don’t force “settling down”, because you’ll be that way for most of your life. Also, remember this is the time to form NEW routines. So be purposeful about who you spend your time with (ahem, I’ll be home in 2 days), and HOW you spend your time. If there’s something you’ve been saying you want to do for a long time and “never get around to it”… now’s the time to make that a part of your routine.

    • Great advice Sam! Thanks! We all know we thrive when we get in a routine, and I’m so happy I’ve had a month to have NO routine. But now I’m ready to slow it down 🙂

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