New House: Sneak Peek

While the guy is in the other room installing the internet, and I continue to blog from my phone (or NOT blog as the case has been lately), I thought I could at least share some house BEFORE footage to all of you stalkers friends that want to see the new 1150 sq feet house that will soon become a home (with fresh paint, properly placed furniture, art, and good smells from the kitchen).

Remember, we moved from almost 1600 sq feet. So, as our fathers can attest to, on moving day we felt pretty sure we’d have to sell everything except my ever-growing wardrobe. But fear not, boxes are being unpacked and things are getting PUT AWAY. And it feels oh so good.

So here we go. Here’s the fancy video tour I sent to David (since he couldn’t see it beforehand), with the previous tenants stuff still in there. So ignore all furnishings, especially the giant Lego collections. Plural. #previousrenterwasnotachild #orwashe
(Since I’m on my phone, there’s a good chance that doesn’t show up as a video, so click the link).

We’ve done some major things in the 5 or so days we’ve actually been in the house (insert holiday-weekend-lake- vacation). We’ve been busy (like painting almost every room) and it is brighter and just way better. But you’ll have to stay tuned for those before and afters, when we get some more things to “after” phase.


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