Baked Falafel Wrap

baked falafelOne of the restaurants in Columbia I’m going to miss the most is Pita’s. It’s a little “hole in the wall” Mediterranean restaurant that is always hustling and bustling, especially at lunch time. And I used to be able to walk there from work, so that was nice too. But I figured it was time to start making my own falafel and unlike when I make donuts (that should be indulgent), it is nice to try and make the falafel a little healthier than the traditional fried version. So I made these baked falafels, and they were just as delicious. IMG_0391

IMG_0395I bought the Fantastic Foods Falafel mix from World Market and thought I’d give it a try. It was really easy, basically add water to the mix, and then I made a really delicious “salad” to add in. Particularly since we’re moving and the kitchen is getting packed more and more each day, this was a great meal to “use what you’ve got in the fridge” and to “simply add water”–meaning not a lot of pots and pans. It has diced red onion, greek olives, feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and greek yogurt, salt and pepper to taste. Add all that into a whole wheat pita and you have a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner. Perfect food for moving. How else do you eat in when you’re packing for a move? Or do y’all just mostly eat out?


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