Do You Want a Revolution….Doughnut

I love donuts. I’ve made them at home, and they were delicious. Probably because I didn’t try to make them healthy, since well…it’s a donut. Some things just need to be how they’re supposed to be. Like biscuits. And pies. And donuts. And since we found out we were moving to Atlanta, I’ve been scouting the local artisan donut shops. Columbia doesn’t have any specialty shops like New York did (I miss you, Doughnut Plant), and so I’ve been donut-deprived for the last couple years.

So last weekend, I was in Atlanta and decided I needed to start my Donuts-of-Atl tour. David and my little sister May were totally on board with this idea, #duh. And we started where I knew it’d be delicious. Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur. And boy oh boy, that was so amazingly awesome. Oh and the iced coffee was also rich and delicious. I basically wanted to move into their little shop because it was so cute and because it was filled with doughnuts.IMG_0509 donut labels

IMG_0508  IMG_0507(How cute is she, btw? Those dimples.) Anyways, we had the best intentions of just choosing one a piece, but you know…when in Rome a donut-choosing-sitution, you must do whatever your heart desires. So we chose 5. And we’ll definitely be back. Check out their site btw…they have pics and descriptions of most of the others right now. Next on my list…coconut and orange pistachio. Oh and for you vegan/gluten free folks, they’ve got a good selection for you as well. So yeah, we’ll be back. And now before I pack my baking things, maybe one last batch of donuts for the road?

Okay Atlantans, what donut shop should we hit up next? Isn’t this a fun game?



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