Throwback Thursday: Sister Act II

I have a huge secret. And it may be considered “embarrassing” by most peoples standards, but to me, nope…it’s pride. One of my favorite movies of all times is Sister Act II. Yep, there, I said it. Sister_Act_2_Back_in_the_Habit_film_posterPeople ask, “what about Sister Act? The original.” And before they even finish their sentence, I shake my head and hush them, usually like this. shhh“No. Just no”, I say. They shouldn’t even share a name, that’s how different these two movies are. Do they both have Whoopi, her lack of eyebrows, and Maggie Smith? Sure. But do they both have Lauren Hill, Frank Hay (Hay, Ho!) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (yep, she’s in it)? NOPE.

And since the 90’s are most definitely making a comeback, I figured I’d do a little #ThrowbackThursdayTribute to one of the best movies ever. Yes I know all the songs. Yes, even the rap parts. (Cat and Dot..back me up here!) But you know what I mostly tried to replicate from this movie (besides singing harmony with Lauren Hill…which was terrible), the clothes. I remember buying clothes and making “style” decisions based on this movie. So yeah, let me give you a little sneak peek and then we’ll discuss how I could still wear all of these items. Because they’re cool again.90s fashionSister_Act_2

90s fashion 2Let me clarify: only SOME of these are acceptable for ladies like myself (as always, this is my opinion only). Ladies of your later 20s, feel free to rock some tribal print, some jean overalls, and some striped jean shorts. I always love a good flannel too. But the crop top and the high waisted mom-jeans? You better really MAKE IT WERK if you plan to do that. And you better not be going to Target or Walgreens in that. If you’re going to do it, you have to go for it!

For another #ThrowbackThursday post of this similar flavor, check out my other guilty pleasure, Now and Then. 



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