Mint Juleps for Two

mint julepI’m not totally sure what came over us the other afternoon…but whatever it was, it made us want cocktails. Perhaps it was the extremely unnecessarily-healthy decision we made to walk to lunch the other day. “It’s a mile and a half…it won’t take any time. Plus we can bring Colonel!” And it wasn’t so bad on the way there, but man, after eating our weight in delicious Burger 77 french fries, the walk home was less-than-desirable. And it was HOT. Like painfully hot. Even the dog kept stopping in shady yards to just, rest. And we love letting him drink from sprinklers–but we didn’t pass a single one. We were a rock-paper-scissors match away from one person having to run home to get a car, but it would be cruel to run in that heat, so we just walked.

Once we were home and beginning to cool off (aka several hours had passed), we decided what we really needed was a nice refreshing drink. And the main thing that comes to mind with a refreshing-summer cocktail is a mint julep. They have tons of ice, mint is delicious, and well…bourbon is a no brainer. This is the recipe we followed. No joke.

mint julep drawingI whipped up a quick brown sugar simple syrup (1/2 c sugar, 1/2 c. water, heat it up). David used our blender’s “crush ice” function, which works amazingly well by the way, and we muddled some mint with the simple syrup, added 2 oz. of bourbon, and poured it all over ice. It was super easy. IMG_0380We don’t have fancy mint julep glasses, but we’d love to (Christmas idea). So instead, we went fancy in another direction and used crystal. Southern mint juleps must be fancy! (said in a thick Chahhhlllston accent please). So that made the walk a couple hours earlier totally worth it. I guess.




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