Storage Solutions

I’ve said it before (I think). I really like the moving process. I get super stressed with the unknown leading up to a move (ask my mom…she knows), but once I find a place to live, I can usually focus my energy somewhere. That is where I am now…sweet relief.

Phewph…now I can start scoping out nearby grocery stores and Target’s.  Look at all the restaurants we can walk to! A park? With a creek and tennis courts? Great!

And then come some new challenges (like cough cough…finding a new job). But I’m talking home challenges (unless you want to give me a job–then we can talk about that too). The biggest “challenge” we’ve identified in our new house is a lack of storage. It’s something that you don’t always think about when you’re quickly woo’d by the natural light, hardwood floors and fenced in backyard (those were our top 3 priorities). It’s also something we didn’t realize we had so much of in Columbia (closets in every bedroom, linen closet in hall, utility closet in hall, basement (!!), attic…) so like I said last week, we’re throwing a lot out and really sorting and prioritizing what to keep.

I’ve been perusing Pinterest and have decided that when done well, wall storage (vertical storage) can be really useful and really functional. So that’s where we’re at right now. Thinking vertically. It won’t help us with those 2 large bins of camping supplies, but it’ll help us with our massive library and music collections.

Here’s what I mean. Wall Storage . Wall StorageWhat do y’all think? I have a considerably large amount of kitchen “things” like a growing napkin collection and really pretty cups/plates, in addition to a growing art collection, and an ever growing book collection. As long as they’re organized well…I could see this is a viable option. Thoughts? Suggestions for open-air (aka visible) storage?



2 thoughts on “Storage Solutions

  1. Have you heard of They might be the perfect solution for the CDs that you’ve both already digitized!

    Also, I have some funky old shelves that you might like! Ask me later.

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