Moving Update

(Just got home yesterday from Camp Mikell, where I’d been volunteering for several days on the Youth Camp Dean’s staff. If you don’t know me, know that I’ve spent every summer since 3rd grade (1993) being a camper, counselor, staffer or dean’s staffer. I love that place–even met my husband there and got married there. So I’ve been intentionally unplugged from the blog for a couple days…but I’m back!)

box nomadsMoving is one of those times that can get really stressful for most folks. I’ll probably have some good moving and packing tips after I complete all that, but right now I am in the transition phase of simply staring around our house looking at all of our things…just staring. Imagining what size truck we need. Picturing myself sitting on the floor sifting through boxes that we moved to SC with that have never been unpacked in 3 years (should I even open these boxes–or just chuck em’)? Making a lot of lists and inventories.

Ya see, when we moved to SC from NYC, we moved from a small studio apt (1 br/1 ba) to a 3 bedroom house that is around 1500-1600 sq feet. We had some things that we simply sold in NYC for the sake of not hauling things down the coast to SC, so we arrived 3 years ago with a relatively small amount of belongings and a really cute 6 month old dog that passed gas the whole Uhaul trip down. (who moves in a maxi dress? #thisgirl)leaving nycBut now after being in this house for 3 years, (that we still didn’t completely fill), we have acquired a significant amount of stuff. More furniture. More accessories. More camping gear. More books. More clothes. More art. I’m sure many people can relate to this, but now we’re moving somewhere a little smaller–like 1100 sq. feet. So the task begins of “do we ever use that?” and “sell or donate?” and “David, you didn’t hang the Braves flag here…it’s not going to hang in the next house…donate”. So yeah, that’s what I will be doing for the next 2 weeks.uhaul nycMy starting points: The guest room (since we won’t have guests), winter clothes and camping gear (since we won’t need them until the fall), and books. Oh and going through every drawer and clothes and junking things we don’t need/use. I like to organize as I pack so that things are organized to then, unpack. I’ll probably keep one large bin or a suitcase empty for the last minute things–so when we’re in our new house on the first night, we’ll have easy access to toothbrushes, toothpaste, phone chargers, hammer, nails, change of clothes…dog bowls and leashes…the necessities.

Any other helpful packing tips? Let me know in the blog comments or via FB/Twitter!


9 thoughts on “Moving Update

      • For once, we are NOT twinsies. Moving is one of my least favorite things to do. Fortunately, Jess is good at it, so I just follow her orders (which is a good rule of thumb in general, right?)

      • you’ll have to check with David. I don’t think he minds moving, but I love the opportunity to purge a lot of crap! it forces me to go through everything and get rid of some major junk 🙂

  1. Here are a couple of tips I learned from our move last year…
    1. Pack breakables in your blankets, towels and sheets…protects them and saves all that packing paper (greener)
    2. Put socks INSIDE your glasses…wrapping glasses is essential but stuffing them is what really helps them not break. And U-Haul sells wonderful little plate sleeves that speed the process and protect well.
    4. U-Haul also has a program where you can get used boxes free from others who have recently moved…you may want to check it out on their website.
    3. Label, label, label…room and contents – You probably know this one from watching Lis lately if not from your own experience…this has already been such a time saver for me since some things were unpacked immediately and some are being saved for the lake.

    And here are a bunch more great ideas:

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