Big News!

When people my age say “big news”, everyone guesses, “you’re pregnant?!” And that’s a no. It is something that sounds way more fun than that sounds.  We are moving to our hometown of Atlanta! ga

Big things happening in the game of life for us! Oh wait–can we talk about the game LIFE for a second though?  Does anyone else love the Game LIFE like I do? (not as much as this idiot–maybe NSFW).  I always wanted to live in the Farmhouse or Victorian house in that game–that in the original game went for like 100k-200k.The newer versions of LIFE require you to buy a starter home in some circumstances because the Victorian is now upwards of 500k. Now THAT is real life. yes yes yallAnyways, big digression there. So, we are super excited because David has accepted a new job at a church in downtown Atlanta, that will bring lots of new challenges and new excitement in his young career. I feel like we’ve both come so far in our three years in Columbia, coming straight from seminary in NYC. I’ll speak more about myself for his privacy’s sake, but I was a mere 26 when we moved to SC. Our church here was probably like…who are these young-ins straight out of New York City! (go ahead…y’all can agree 🙂 )

But now that I’m 29 and my hair has gotten progressively shorter (that’s what we do when we get older, right?), I feel like I’ve come a long way. I’ve had a real job, I’ve kept houseplants alive for over 3 years…I’m basically a full blown adult now.  We’ve been making big life decisions about big life things since we’ve been in SC…decisions about responsibilities, money, career paths, how many more dogs to get, how many bug bombs would it take to kill these SC “palmetto bugs” (giant flying roaches)…all the necessities.

So for those of you that have been in SC to see us grow and change over the last few years…thank you for supporting David and I. (Special shout-out to Sally and Harold…our time here was made special by y’all going above and beyond in all ways). We will miss SC terribly (especially our church family and my friends from puppies and hubbies dinner parties), and hope to truly enjoy our last month here to the fullest! Bonus–we’re a short trip away! Heck if anyone knows, it’s us (60k miles on the car later…).


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