Dot and Adams Wedding

Dot has been my friend for 17+ years. As I started preparing a short (and hopefully sweet) toast, I came to that realization and started feeling so thankful to have had such a great friend for such a long time. She and her twin sister Cat and I have basically been a trio for as long as we can remember. I’ve been an honorary member of their family for these 17 years, and they’ve been member’s of my family as well. So when she asked me to be a bridesmaid, it was a no-brainer. Plus the wedding was on top of a mountain in Boulder…also a no-brainer. I had to be there, and I couldn’t have been more excited. So please excuse my brief absence the past few days, but I’ve been living it up in Colorado since Thursday morning. It was great and I miss all my girlfriends already. But these are the friends that you truly know you’ll have forever. No brainer. So, since I took 8 bajillion pictures this weekend, I thought I’d share some highlights today so y’all could see what I’ve been up to. Basically I was living in a Pinterest Wedding or an Anthropologie Catalog for the last 4-5 days…as you’ll soon see. Enjoy the pics, and CONGRATS to Dot and Adam (#dotnadam). Love y’all!lady groupcollage 6collage 5collage 8collage 1collage 2collage 3collage 7collage 4collage 9Congrats again to the newlyweds! So happy to have some more OLD MARRIED friends join the club!


5 thoughts on “Dot and Adams Wedding

  1. Thanks for all the great pics, Bean! Adam really likes the one with Jonesy. Couldn’t have done it without ya!

    Love you, best friend.

  2. Such a cute wedding. Had to leave a comment, I absolutely love her dress!! Do you happen to know where she got it from? I’m getting married this summer and haven’t found a dress yet! Thanks you!

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