Cray Cray May

DSC_0486Can I just talk about my May for a minute? Maybe it is just my family, but probably not, where like 70% of all birthdays, anniversaries and whatnot fall in May. First weekend, sister got married. Second weekend, other sister graduated (yay Megan!). Mother’s Day. David’s Birthday (Happy Birthday, again!). Third weekend, family beach trip plus the sister that got married graduates Vet School (congrats Lis!). Mom’s birthday thrown in this Friday for fun. Then head over to the fourth weekend, best friends wedding in Colorado (can’t wait, btw!). Mix in all of that, plus the regular holidays, add about 8 more family birthdays, and you’ve got my May summed up pretty well. And it’s like this every year. 2014 though, feels abnormally busy. Life feels rushed right now–everything is crammed in. (Everything except workouts, those aren’t being done at all). The months when you feel like you’re living out of a suitcase or out of a laundry basket (yeah, I still travel home with only a basket of dirty clothes), life rushes by so fast.

So I’m going to take this week…slow down. Intentionally only cram in the things that matter like cooking meals, snuggling the dog, evening walks with David, working out before work, and having some quiet time in the evening. Probably continue writing, but this is therapeutic for me (in case you couldn’t already tell). We all need to unwind sometimes, and road trips back to back to back can really wear me out instead of provide the break I need. So here’s to a quiet and purposeful week at home. Until Friday. DSC_0457



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