Graduation Gifts for Her

That little sister of mine that shared her 20 something story yesterday also happens to be graduating in 2 days. Graduating college, such a huge accomplishment! So, I’ve been shopping for weeks trying to find the right gift for a recent grad and thought I’d share some ideas. Let’s get started!grad gifts for her

I’ve got a couple things to share and I tried hard to think of really good and practical gifts for someone graduating college and hopefully entering the world of employment. Not everything is an office job anymore, and a lot of grads may end up in a more creative field like my sister. So the times have changed where leather briefcases and paper agenda’s come in handy. These kids are tech savvy and whether it’s high school or college graduation, they are sure to enter the next phase of their life in style. GRADUATION GIFTS HER1. Interview Dress c/o J.Crew: Throw out the black flats and the black pencil skirt. Times have changed and you need to surely dress to impress. Conservative with a touch of personality is key. Add a little blazer or cardigan over this with a POC (pop of color) shoe or necklace, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Power Trip c/o This is a totally affordable gift for all grads that are on the go. Planning on traveling after graduation? Or planning on a long commute? This is a must-have.

3. Transport Tote c/o Madewell: A no-nonsense bag is a total no-brainer. You ladies know that we carry all necessities and then some in our large bags, and this one is perfect for that. It is a little pricy but investing in a sturdy leather bag will last a lifetime. Get this. Maybe I’ll just buy it for myself…

4. Bella Tribal Kettle c/o Target: This is the cutest tea kettle ever. And if you’re entering the work force, you’re probably entering the world of excessive tea and coffee drinking. (Sidebar, I don’t think I’ve ever said “workforce” so many times). This kettle is perfect for any kitchen counter, particularly now that you’re moving out of the dorm. Oh and if you prefer coffee, heat your water in here for your french press that you’ll also need as a graduation gift.

5. Mini Leather Pouch c/o J.Crew: You didn’t think this was all about the workplace did you? Nope. Graduation means one huge thing. NO MORE HOMEWORK. That means your nights have been totally returned to you and you should celebrate by hitting up happy hour with friends. And bringing this cute clutch with you. A basic black clutch is perfect and timeless.

6. Backup Charger c/o Yep, another techy gift. But it’s a cute techy gift, so it doesn’t count. C’mon, y’all know how useful these things are. You’ve been running around like crazy all day and you are headed out to dinner with your man and realized your phone is at 4%. Ugh. So a backup charger is a perfect (and affordable) gift for a lady on the go. You’re welcome.

7. Pretty Notebooks c/o Rifle Paper Co.: I have these and they’re spectacular. My mom always told me I should never enter a meeting without paper and a pen, and she was right. And I keep one in my (huge) purse too, just because it’s always smart to have paper around.

Other acceptable gifts for graduates: cash, money, moolah, a place to live, gift cards, ipads, oh, and money. Any other good gift ideas for lady grads? Let us know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Graduation Gifts for Her

  1. OOOO PRESENTS!!! I feel like I wasn’t meant to read this post…. But it did help me motivate myself to study for my final tomorrow and get some work done so I can be sure to graduate this weekend!!! Cant wait to see you and the whole famdamily in Milly!!!

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