20 Something Lady- Megan

20 something ladies collageFor those of you that have been avid readers of LYBI, you’ll know that when I started writing, I asked a lot of my lady friends to share about their experiences as a 20-something-year-old lady. We all live completely different lives and from graduating college, getting married, and having babies…ladies in their twenties really run the gamut of big life changes.

So I’ve got another one for y’all today, and it comes from one of my favorite ladies ever (I’m totally biased), my beautiful, loving and totally adorable little sister. Megan is 22 and we always talk about how weird it is to both be in our twenties, but how far apart our lives experiences really are. I mean, she just started legally drinking a year or so ago…and welp, I’ve been doing that for years! It’s almost not exciting anymore. Jk, it’s still totally exciting 🙂

But even more than those little things…aka all jokes aside, she’s one of the sweetest and smartest 22 year olds I know. She has begun being faced with real life decisions that she is beginning to make independently, and that alone, is huge. It’s a phase that maybe some of us have forgotten because it comes naturally now, but to see my little sis experience so many fun and exciting decisions, it reminds me of being that age, which is great. So cheers to Megan, since she can drink now, and let’s see what she’s gotta say about the great age of 22.


little sis 2Megan here! Wow, less than a week until I walk for graduation… I am full of so many mixed emotions. Currently I am stressed and excited, but mostly stressed trying to finish up all of the projects and papers and little assignments that all of the professors assigned to us months ago. So obviously in between all of this and studying for my finals I decided that this seemed like the perfect time for me to procrastinate for a little bit and write my 20 something blog post that I promised to do.

So I am the youngest of the 20 something blog posters. When Beano started this project over a year ago, I was on the verge of turning 21 and I was so excited to do my post about reaching this major milestone. I planned to talk about how excited I was to finally be old enough to drink and go out with my friends and my sisters. However, when I first wrote my draft of the post– I was so lost. I was new to being a psychology major and I was just beginning to feel out what I wanted to do, but I was completely certain that I wanted to stay in college forever.

little sis 3When I first wrote my draft about turning 21 it was all about how I loved college and I loved being single. This was later revised in my other drafts of the same post, with lots of cute gushy stuff about my then-new-boyfriend who I am still dating. I then talked about how I felt very independent despite the fact that I was and still am completely dependent on my parents and this is becoming far clearer to me as I am on the precipice of entering the real world.

Mostly though, in my 21 draft I talk a lot about how scared I was about my future and about my choices of classes and about everything I could think of that the real world might throw at me in little over a year. I talked about the things that I love like playing Ultimate Frisbee (I’m on my colleges club team and is part of why I chose my college), cooking, creating art, and my major passion for travel.

little sisLike the other 20 something ladies, I worked at Camp Mikell. I always looked forward to my time spent there every year, and even now, I still do. However, just a couple months ago, I had officially decided that I would not be returning to camp this summer because I really needed to focus on graduating…ya know, not staying in college forever like 21 me had wanted. This was a very tough decision for me to make but I ultimately know that I made the right choice and I am so excited to be finishing school. It has only been a few months since I wrote that draft but even still a lot has changed.little sis 4I have decided that I want to pursue jewelry design and creation after I graduate. This is something that I loved working on in high school, and I have missed it ever since. I love to solder and shape metals but my real favorite process is casting; this however involves a lot of equipment and costs a lot of money. So for now, all I have been able to do is research, design, and network and talk to other people I know in the jewelry and art industry. Right now I’m networking in hopes that either an internship comes my way or that I can find a way to make this dream a reality.jewelryI know that the course that I am choosing is not typical nor will it be easy. I am so lucky though for the support from family and friends, because they’ve helped me understand that my dream can become a reality. It is a scary thing to divert from the degree you have worked so hard on to try and do something that you are truly passionate about, but it is a lot less scary when I think about all of the support I have. Who knows maybe some of that bloggalicious good luck that has graced other 20 something bloggers (here and here especially) will shine down on me and I will be offered a great internship or job upon my return to Atlanta. Oh yeah, mom and dad, I’m moving home 🙂

Okay, how cute is Megan (May). I’m so glad she opened up her heart here on LYBI. Anyone that remembers being 22 and feeling like the pieces of your life are all over the place, feel free to leave a comment or give her some advice. I always treasure advice, and I know she will too. And as much as I’d like to be one of those people to say, “live in the moment…enjoy the unknown…blah blah blah…” I know that she’s too much like me and that she’d probably be stressed out by that advice. But then again, little baby sister…she is way more relaxed and easy-going than I am…so we all know she’ll be totally fine in whatever she pursues. She makes really lovely jewelry and I can’t wait for her to try her hand at something she truly loves! Why not!

Oh and if you love reading these 20 something posts check out some of the other ladies who have shared: it may be time for updates soon since most of them have had some MAJOR changes since their post! See, that’s the beauty of being in your twenties, everything is constantly changing…

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11 thoughts on “20 Something Lady- Megan

  1. Nice job, May! Congrats on graduating!

    A few thoughts:
    1: 21, 22, 23 were my favorite years being in my twenties…enjoy it!
    2: I understand completely about pursuing a passion you didn’t necessarily go to school for; it’s hard work and scary and a lot of people may be like “what is she thinking!?”, but like you said it’s all for the better when you can see yourself doing what you love for your work…”if you love your work, you don’t work a day in your life.” Thank goodness for the support from families and friends who love and believe in you!

    • Tina you are so right and I know you can really relate! I have loved listening to your CD and I hope that everything is going well out in Colorado! Keep up the great music making I can’t wait for the next CD!!

  2. Megan,
    Congrats on graduating! Your life is ahead of you in so many ways. Don’t be anxious about life until you are at least 25, or something. BACKSTREET’S BACK, ALRIGHT.

    When will the 30-something baseball dude blog posts begin? DAVID, amirite?

    • Thanks Mike! I’m glad I can slow up on the anxiety till I’m 25ish thanks!! and good point if the backstreet boys can get back together anything is possible, I can do jewelry! 🙂

  3. Megan!! You are graduating college and that is AWESOME!! So proud of you, you little camper turned jeweler extraordinaire. It can be hard (and scary) to try new things–but don’t get caught up in whether or not you took a class on it in undergrad–I moved to NYC because I loved the city, but I was miserable in my job, so I ultimately chose to go back to school, but I had to leave NYC and now I am miserable with my current location. So sometimes it takes a while to really figure it out–that balance of “happy.” But you’re 22, so you’ve got time. 🙂 WORK IT. Just don’t be too hard on yourself if things get weird or confusing or frustrating. Allow yourself to fail and to learn from your mistakes and just be the best you can be–the best you can be is good enough. And anyone who is an ultimate frisbee champ AND a gorgeous jewelry designer is WINNING in my book. And enjoy moving back in with mom and dad!! Seriously. ENJOY IT while you can. Even when they drive you insane. They love you and will always be your biggest fans. Congrats again and welcome to life after undergrad!!!!! (that’s where I cheers you with a PBR) 🙂

    • Aww thanks, I’ll be doing lots of cheersing tomorrow once I’m finally done with my last final! Thanks for the advice, I have to keep reminding myself that being in my 20’s is the best time for me to be confused and frustrated and working towards an intimidating goal and it is a great time for me to try something I have always wanted to do!! I hope you are able to find your happy balance! Good Luck with school!!

  4. Great post, Megan. Nice to be able to read your thoughts at this point in your life – like Ol’ Man Ochs said, you’ve got so much ahead of ya. I think I speak for Tina and myself when I say: RTATBDOYL. Amirite?

    Mike – yup you right. Hopefully in the next 6.5-7 years!

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