House Update: New Windows

When we moved into our rental house 3 years ago, the landlord asked us if it would be alright if she replaced all the original windows (that were painted shut), and we gladly said that would be no problem! As renters of a 1930’s brick bungalow (that we love), we knew the utilities were going to skyrocket in the “extreme” weather months in South Carolina. I say extreme meaning, 30’s and 100’s. “Famously Hot” is Columbia’s slogan, and they weren’t kidding–it’s so sticky here in the summer. No need to wonder why David and I try to get the the lake house as often as we can!

Well, all that to say…it took 3 years of us living here, but they finally just replaced all the windows. And man, it is wonderful. Particularly because spring in SC is a relatively long season, so we’ve had our windows thrown open and every room feels that much more, I don’t know…fresh!colonel new windows

Pros of installing new windows: utility bills will dramatically change, light that comes in appears much brighter (were the old windows really that dirty?), and lastly, we now have windows that we can open and who doesn’t love a good breeze.

Cons of installing new windows: you lose some character of the old cracked (but lovely) windows, open windows mean that Colonel Mustard is freaking out all the time because he hears so much more happening outside (I guess that’s a pro also–he’s a great watchdog), and lastly, time and money. Lucky for us, we’re renters, so the homeowner paid for this renovation because it surely adds to the property value…but it was time consuming since the crew only brought a couple of the proper windows the first time they came. #windowcrewfail

Overall to me, it’s totally worth it to be able to open the windows in the spring and fall, and save money in the summer and winter. We haven’t been running the heat/air for several weeks know, and that is great. Plus all of our rooms having ceiling fans (which I’m also a huge fan of), which definitely supports the open-window concept.

What’s y’alls opinion on new windows? Worth the investment? Would you pay more for a house that had just upgraded all the windows? Or you’d rather stay with the character and charm of painted shut windows? (I have a hunch I know the answer, but still…I’m asking). Let me know!



5 thoughts on “House Update: New Windows

  1. Never having lovely, fresh, outside air in the house…fail. Therefore, new windows = totally worth it. I don’t know what your landlord chose, but there are plenty of windows out there with character appropriate for different architectural styles and periods.

  2. I’m in a 50’s ranch with old windows not painted shut and storm windows. My bedroom/bath addition has the new windows. All open, but I feel safer with the old clunkers! Also feel like they are more energy efficient. SCE&G has tested.

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