Hydration with Coffee

That’s right folks, I just learned a very important thing that I feel like it’s my duty to share. Is it that Nekko Wafers are the weirdest candy ever and Banana Runts are the nastiest candy ever? Nope. Even though that’s all true.

I’m talking hydration today, and the fact that coffee can hydrate you like water can. Sing the hallelujah’s folks…the research is there. french pressOh and I’ll go ahead and put it out there that I enjoy water AND coffee, and I don’t think you shouldn’t drink water or anything crazy like that. But think about it–I mean coffee is essentially water so it makes sense when you actually think about it. And the whole diuretic thing dehydrating you? Research says, “nope”.  Am I the first person to start thinking about this since everyone else already knew? Well thanks for holding out on me folks. A colleague of mine mentioned it in passing several weeks ago and I didn’t really hear her until I thought about it. And then I thought, “can that be true”?

Here’s some deet’s about it if you don’t trust me, or if you care enough to read it (I totally did). Here’s what NPR says about coffee and hydration, and here’s what really smart people say about coffee improving your memory. Again, I think it’s important to note that obvi this is for folks with a moderate coffee regimen. If coffee and beer are the only 2 things you drink because they both are made up of water…then, maybe grab a glass of good ol’ water. It just makes everything feel better to me (my skin especially, not to mention it removes salty-food bloating). So that’s that folks. A simple PSA for Monday. Now since it’s early, I’ll get back to my coffee.



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