American Eagle with the Comeback

Am I the only one who hasn’t shopped at American Eagle since high school? I used to go there for a few select items…plain tees… sometimes bathing suits…but never got much. But recently I’ve been on the hunt for sandals and I pinned a cute pair of rose gold sandals. When I clicked to see where I could buy them, I was shocked that they were AE. And I scrolled and scrolled, and ended up getting three pairs of sandals. They were all totally affordable (around $30-$40) and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

*ONLY DRAWBACK, they don’t come in half sizes. And I wear a 7.5, so we’ll see how that goes.

Here’s a roundup of my six favorites, three of which I ordered already. And here’s the link where you can buy yourself some shoes.spring sandalsOh and good news–there’s free shipping on all of their shoes also. Yay!

PS: they have cute bathing suits too!


One thought on “American Eagle with the Comeback

  1. Jess marched me into an AE to see if their shoes were any good. They LOOKED good, but felt uncomfortable, and I’m unsure how good their quality was. I used to shop at AE daily in high school and college. Lots of orange stuff, when that was popular in early 2000s.

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