Cut-off Confessions

how to-cutoffsOkay, am I the only one who sucks at cutting cut-off jean shorts? I mean…here we go. First, you’d try to cut both legs together and then put them on and realize, “Oh wait, I just remembered, I have a butt. So that’s going to make the back a lot shorter. Shoot.”

And then when that fails, you try to draw a line and cut going all the way around, following your line, only to find that you either get a weird extra-uneven part in the crotch-region, or along the outer thigh? Or, you remember again that you still…have a butt, so that isn’t going to make them even.

OR, (yeah, I’m still going–I’ve made a lot of cut-off mistakes), you cut a little and then rip all the way around so you get frayed edges, only to end up with the same uneven problem with the weird leftover hanging part on the outer thigh? Ugh!

And the worst–THE woooooorrrrrssssstttttttt (thanks to John Ralphio)….is cutting one leg at a time and trying like hell to make them even. I mean, that’ll get you booty shorts real quick. Booty shorts that you didn’t want to begin with and you don’t want now. Trash them and start over. cut off

So I found some tips online and I can’t wait to try them. I’ll be hitting up the Value Village (the oldie but goodie in Atlanta) or Columbia’s Salvation Army and get some nice old jeans this weekend to give this a shot…again.

Tips HERE via Refinery 29

And now, some cut-off inspiration for the spring. (click image for source)

cutoff 1

cutoffs 2

beach shorts

cut offs 4

cut offs 3Hope everyone has a great weekend–hopefully filled with warm weather and sunshine on your shoulders. I’ll be trying to get my shorts ready since it’s warming up–and may also make an impromptu trip up to the lake for a little side gig I’m working on 🙂 Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Cut-off Confessions

  1. Do you have any brand/ store recommendations for cute, NON-denim shorts? Finding it hard to find any that aren’t made for 18-year-olds, but also are not “mom shorts” 🙂

    • The BEST basic shorts (in my opinion) are from either Gap or J.Crew. JCrew are definitely more pricy, but I have JCrew shorts that I’ve had since high school that are still in great shape. Gap are cheaper for sure, but I find they only last for a season or two before the hem is falling or the color is really faded.

      To be totally honest, other than a couple pairs of basic shorts (jean cut-offs, navy, army green, and one black), I stick to dresses in the summer. So easy to dress up or down and I just find them easier and mre flattering.

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