Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bar

I’ve been traveling back and forth to Atlanta the past couple weekends, and I’ve been quite a busy bee. Two weeks ago, I drove over for my sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party, and then last weekend because one of my dearest friends, Kristina Murray, played a one-night-only show in Atlanta (she currently lives in Boulder, CO., so it was a big deal for her to have all her hometown guests there). I know what you’re thinking…8 hours in the car and you’re still not done listening to The Goldfinch. Yeah, well…

My point in all this is that while I was home, my mom introduced me to the tastiest little treat from Cooking Light (RECIPE HERE). She had just made these Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bars and they were REALLY good. You can also trade cherries for cranberries and almonds for pistachios, so they’re a pretty versatile little breakfast/snack bars. And so she shared her recipe and when I got home, I had to make these in my Sunday-Meal-Prep for the week.Cranberry and Pistachio Bars  IMG_9556   And guess what? My Fitness Pal just recently added a feature so you can IMPORT recipes from a website/link, so you don’t have to painstakingly enter each ingredient of each recipe and the amount. WAY TO GO MFP, that was a major improvement (thanks Britt for sharing the good news) that totally made your site and APP way better, I’ll use you more often now. So, you can also get the full nutrition info from a recipe you import, so here it is for the Cranberry Pistachip bars. (MFP May have some minor tweaking to do…and you may have to double check the ingredients once they’re imported–but overall this is wayyyy easier).

pistachio bars

Here’s that recipe again (LINK). Pretty great, huh? I love a high protein bar as a vegetarian, since I’m always looking for a good protein filled snack. Plus, I have a pretty active job which means bars and quick-grabbable-snacks are kind of a win/win. Let’s just say I eat a lot of breakfast bars, drink a lot of coffee, and try to squeeze in soup or salad before 4pm. That’s what my days look like!


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