5 Links to Share

5 links to shareHappy Friday, folks! I’ve got five articles for you this rainy Friday (well, I’m in ATL…and it’s rainy here).

First up, meet this wonderful man Henry who re-hears music from his era. Pretty amazing, the power of music that is. (if you can’t see the video clip below…click here).

apartment therapySecond, anyone else feeling in a design/DIY slump in the winter months? When you have less time to work outside and less time to celebrate all your glory…I know for me at least–I tend to just clam up. I feel uninspired and uncreative. Not a good feeling. Or do you have a new place and you’re just feeling totally uninspired design-wise? Read this then. Apartment Therapy posted a great piece about Dealing with the At-Home Doldrums.

flatironThird, 5 looks that you never thought you could get from a flat iron from Refinery 29. Note to self: get a flat iron. I haven’t owned once since high school when I would straighten my already straight hair to make it STICK-STRAIGHT. But I need a new good flat iron that does magical hair things like this. Any recs?

ruthie lindseyFourth, if you haven’t checked out the unashamedly southern stylings and design work of Ruthie Lindsey, prepare to be inspired. She is an incredibly talented artist and space-maker, and she’s full of inspiration. Need ideas for a party or decorating a room? Check her out. Oh, and follow her on Instagram (ruthielindsey) for daily doses of southern goodness.

blue apron meal dinner cup of jo 4And last for this rainy Friday, I can’t leave you without a deliciously hearty and totally vegetarian meal for you folks. I saw this and my stomach was doing flips. As someone whose been a vegetarian for about 16-17 years now, I love seeing folks give it a shot. And Jo over at A Cup of Jo gave it a shot in a big and glorious way. I want this meal right now.


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