Spring Recipe: Balela Salad

Don’t throw stones just yet, okay? We got a Trader Joe’s in Columbia last year and I think I’ve been there 3 times. I know…I know. It’s so great, say’s everyone. But I have to say, unless I’m looking for a frozen meal, which is basically never…I don’t go there. The produce is selective. Other things are difficult to find. And I find the staff almost TOO nice. Like, too in-your-face-how-can-I-help-you-find-what-you-need…Im-going-to-follow-you-until-you-pick-something-up…type folks.

As a result, David is the one who discovered their prepared Balela Salad and he really enjoys it. So we found a recipe and made it ourselves. It’s the perfect spring/summer cold salad and it is delicious.balela salad  balela salad 2 Not only would it be good for a cookout or something, but it would be a great side dish with dinner, and it would make great leftovers for lunch.


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