Birkenstock Comeback

sandalsWhen I check Pinterest and see that bell bottoms and Birkenstocks are back on the upswing, I can’t think that there has to be a better way to do the 70’s again. Don’t get me wrong, I own birkenstocks and even pulled them out to debate…”is this really happening again”? And then I put them away. Maybe I’m not tan enough for sandals yet, maybe I need a pedicure, or maybe I’m just stuck on skinny ankle jeans and flats when it turns to spring. Either way…I guess every trend makes it’s way back around at some time. Here’s how it is showing…what’s the consensus here? Here’s the rundown proving they’re back.

Birkenstock Shoes Gisele Bundchen Vogue Paris June July 2012 Perfect Girl  birkenstock 3  Birkenstock Shoes Fashion Street Style (2)  Birkenstock Kate Moss Face July 1990  birkenstock 2  birkenstock 1 Maybe I like this idea after all. I sort of wish mine were black now…but that’s okay. It reminds me of college, and high school…so that’s fun. Anyone coming around like I am? Some trends I say, “nope…they just can’t happen again”…but there has to be a reason that I held on to those birkenstocks for 10 years. Just sayin’…

(all Birkenstock images via Style on The Street)

Happy Friday, folks! Thanks for reading Love Ya Bean It by the way…you folks are great!

Oh and P.S. — speaking of reading, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Goldfinch, our LYBI March Book Club book…all 800+ pages of it. And I’ve got 8 hours in the car this weekend (headed to ATL) so I’m hoping to make some good headway. I’m really enjoying it so far so start it with us if you haven’t started and you’re looking for a good read. Then we’ll discuss!goldfinch


2 thoughts on “Birkenstock Comeback

  1. Yeah, I tried some birks on at DSW cuz i’ve noticed the trend and yep, my huge feet and monkey toes STILL look terrible in them. Maybe that’s why, but I just don’t like ’em. They still look like mom/teacher shoes to me!

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