DIY Planter Inspiration

Okay, y’all. All the ‘green’ in the past few days only makes me yearn for spring. I want flowers, birds chirping and garden fresh veggies. But since I don’t have that yet…aka the weather is calling for sleet…I’ll just rely on the greens in my house. House plants totally make a place feel comfy and cozy to me. They make a good house great and a nice workspace wonderful. So here are some of my inspiration for house plants and planters that can easily be DIYed. It’s the perfect little project for these cold days indoors since I can’t plant anything outside yet.

Click on the images for the DIY instructions for these cute planter love ya bean it  diy planter  laure joliet planter  a beautiful mess planterI don’t know about y’all, but I really want to make the last little plant stand. I love the wood and white blend and it seems relatively easy.

What houseplants do y’all have that you love? I don’t have a super green thumb so I like keeping things indoors that need moderate light and moderate water (aka I can forget about the plant for a couple weeks and it’ll still be alive). So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with my ability to keep most of our plants alive. But living is different than thriving…and I do wish they were thriving. Hey, one step at a time folks.


3 thoughts on “DIY Planter Inspiration

  1. Total great reminder! But I have one tip for you I always follow the rules of plant etiquette and it’s also sometimes nice to freshen your day with some fresh flowers when the husband comes home from work and the shoes hurt the feet how about a footrub dear? Looking forward to seeing/hearing the next club activity!

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