Backpacks for Summer

backpacksSince the great bike riding adventure has begun, I’ve already learned a few things for my commuting-to-and-from-work trip.

1. I have to get up really early if I want to work out before I ride to work. So, needless to say, I haven’t been working out much.

2. My ride takes about 18-20 minutes, and my drive was about 10-12. So I need to give myself adequate time to not only get to work on time, but to get there in time to “clean up” (aka de-sweatify myself) and change clothes.

3. Changing clothes at work means each day I have to pack a change of clothes and carry them to work in a backpack. This also means more preparation the night before which isn’t necessarily a strong suit.

So today, I just want to talk about backpacks. Since it’s almost spring and the time I spend outside will hopefully be increasing a lot, here are my picks for spring and summer bags. For bike riding to and from work. For summer school. For picnics. For day hikes. For brunch. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too pricy. But just a good quality backpack that’ll hold up through the seasons. While I wish I still had a traditional Jansport or something from school, I don’t. And I have a little nylon backpack that I bought for our trip to Peru a couple years ago, but I’ve been hunting for something a little more sturdy. Here are my favorites from my hunt.

Backpacks for SummerAZTEC PRINT via Little Black Bag // Baggu Backpack in FIG // Herschel Backpack in PEACH // Herschel Settlement Backpack in NAVY via Nordstrom // Herschel Bird Printed Woodland Backpack // SUNSHINE Backpack via Modcloth // Madewell Jansport Backpack in RED // ORANGE Nylon Backpack via GAP // Polka Dot Festival Season Backpack via Modcloth

Which ones are your favorite? The red one and the bird one are my two favorites right now.


One thought on “Backpacks for Summer

  1. Never underestimate a good backpack! I love the peach one, the dark blue one, the orange one, and the polka dotted one!

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