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I’ve been inspired by some of these things lately, so I thought I’d have a new installment of 5 links to share with you, my peeps. But forget that I just said peeps, ew.5 links to share

First up, this moved me since well, I want to show it to lots of folks I know in my personal and professional life. This 3 minute video by the SF Times is about societies expectation for boys and I thought it was pretty powerful. WARNING: some foul/offensive language. We always talk about women and minorities in society, and I thought this was a refreshing reminder that our boys are constantly hurt and effected the same way as anyone (and everyone) else.

Second, I wanted to share this recipe for baked blueberry oatmeal via A Cup of Jo.baked oatmealDavid (and everyone) has been trying to get me to like oatmeal forever, and I just don’t. It’s gummy and even when it’s not, it is weird. So I just stumbled upon this and figured it may be worth a shot. Mostly because it looks like pie or cobbler, which I do love.

obamaThird, you probably know Zach Galifianakis if you’re my friend or if you’ve seen any of The Hangover movies. And he’s got a web show on Funny or Die (which again, you may already know) called Between Two Ferns, where he interviews celebrities. It’s pretty great and this week he got President Obama on the show. I think it’s funny that they got the President to agree to something like this, and NY Magazine did a little story on how that happened. So check it out, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the story to watch Obama on Between Two Ferns. Hah!

pinataFourth, BHLDN, the wedding arm of Anthropologie, has this really sweet Pinata in their new collection that I kind of really want to have. But, it’s $100. But it’s cute. Maybe I’ll DIY my own Pinata instead. How hard can it be?

cookie shotAnd lastly, move over Cronut fans. Dominique Ansel has invented the cookie shot and it looks amazing.  You can even request your cookie warm which is just insanely amazing. I want this right now.

Hope y’all enjoyed the little link love today. Which one were you most glad I shared? Cookies? Or something else? Let me know in the comments!


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