Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Since I’m a vegetarian, it’s only appropriate to talk about some wonderful greens when St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. Nope, I’m not going to talk about gold foil sweets after a couple weeks full of Girl Scout cookie complete-and-utterly-disgusting-cookie-over-indulgence. They’re soooo goooood though. Ughhh…I love cookies. 

I digress…since it’s Monday, we should start the week off right–lean and green, yes? So here are 5 green delicious and healthy dishes to serve up this week. It’s not all about green beer anymore, folks. Let’s get to the greens.

kale broccolini saladRoasted Kale, Broccolini and Chickpea Salad via Edible Living. Yum.

kale saladKale Salad with Roasted Beets and Figs via Wit and Whimsy. Here comes spring, folks. This would be delicious hot or cold!

zucchini frittersZucchini Fritters with Mint via Whole Living and they use greek yogurt instead of sour cream to add some protein. Such a great vegetarian trick!

arugula pizzaPeach and Chèvre Pizza with Arugula via Five and Spice. Maybe it’s a little soon for peaches, but you could sub anything a little sweet (caramelized onions would be nice).

avocado and brusselsAvocado and Roasted Brussel Sprouts with “Facon” and Lime via The Little Red House (if you eat meat, the recipe calls for bacon). I don’t use a ton of fake meat, so you could add a salty cheese like parmesan instead of fake-bacon.


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