LYBI Book Club: February Follow Up

Okay y’all the time has come to wrap up for February Book Club pick via A Beautiful Mess, ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ by John Green. Quick poll before we get too far into this little discussion, if ya don’t mind.

The Fault in Our Stars audible logoAgain, I am an audible lover because it means I read way more than I normally would. I am the type reader that has great intentions and as soon as I get cuddled into bed with my book, I’m asleep. And then the next day, I have to read everything I read the night before because I don’t remember since I was sleepily-reading–that’s a thing. So yeah, I love audio. I listen on my walks, even on my runs sometimes, on my commute and when they arise, road trips. No, every book isn’t great on audio (I’ll go there in a minute), but most are.

So, you’ll remember that this is my first book club venture (read more here!) following the footsteps of the bloggers, A Beautiful Mess. They chose this book, and I was so excited about also doing a book club, I decided this was the perfect way to start. So I read it, and here were my thoughts in a nutshell. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT THE BOOK/MOVIE SPOILED.

My thoughts: the traditional tale of young love (that feels way older than these characters), and total and complete tragedy.

My experience with the book: I didn’t enjoy the audible reader for Hazel which I think effected my experience. Regardless, I felt like I was too old or had too much life experience to be totally and utterly moved by this book (am I totally cold hearted??!!). I really wanted to know about the end of The Imperial Affliction, they hooked me there, but Hazel and Augustus just seems too quickly-developed for me. Is that because he’s trying to make it fast because young love can be that fast? Or is it because they’re both terminally ill so that’s just the way it had to happen?

So now that I’ve been a total and complete downer without even going into the whole plot, I think I’ll turn it over to A Beautiful Mess to discuss, because I know a lot of people loved it more than me. A lot. Like crying non-stop-loved-it-so-much. So let’s do it. Join the big discussion over there and let me know if you read it and what your thoughts were!

abmOh and by the way, it’s March tomorrow! Crazy, February just raced by. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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