LYBI Review: Loveland Coffee

Let me start by saying thank you so much for all of the LOVE from my post yesterday! It is really nice to feel like this blog is a safe place to share true feelings and when I’m just overwhelmed with happiness, I am glad I could share some thoughts with y’all. I truly got so many nice words on the blog, twitter, Facebook, and via email and I am so appreciative for all of you! For those of you that ready daily, weekly or if this is your first time. Thank you!

Now let’s get to the deliciousness that this post is about. LOVELAND COFFEE. Yesterday was kind of a segue since well, I talked about LOVE, and my other love…COFFEE. Get it? So I thought it was the perfect time to share with you this little gift I 1Here’s the scoop. Loveland Coffee is a LOCAL Columbia, SC business kicked off a few years ago by you guessed it…Kickstarter. Here’s their video that helped them get their project kicked off, and now they’re up and running, folks…just brewing away! They’re business is all about being community driven and local, as well as providing convenience for the coffee cravers of SC! Sidebar: I don’t live super close to their drive-thru location, but everyday when I drive to work I wish I passed a drive thru coffee shop. Even though it would make me late everyday, so never mind.

So I was gifted this Cold Coffee Concentrate (thank you Lovelands!) which is pretty great right now since it’s warming up outside. I’m planning on freezing some of the concentrate into ice cube form to save it so it lasts forevvvveerrrrr. But really, I made an iced coffee with this coffee this morning, and it was amazingly delicious.

Other suggestions from the Loveland owner, Beach. (yeah, REAL name. So cool.)

Iced Coffee Traditional: 1 oz Concentrate + 6 oz. milk/water

Vanilla Iced Coffee: 1 oz Concentrate + 6 oz. vanilla almond milk (my fav)

Cocktail: White Russian + Loveland Coffee =The Vladimir

Dessert: Add to any dessert recipe to give a “coffee” flavor. I plan to try it in these ice cream sandwiches and these donutscoffee dessertsMake sure y’all get out there and get some of this Loveland Coffee while the weather warms up (or heck, even if it snows again because they were out there). It is really good and you’re supporting a local endeavor, so we all love that.

As the Free Times stated: It’s cold brewed from Guatemalan beans and filtered City of Columbia tap water. (Really — Columbia’s water regularly wins prizes for its good taste.) The 24-hour cold-brewing process produces a strong, dense coffee with very little acidity, rich and dark without using over-roasted beans. Loveland recommends serving it mixed 1:6 with milk or water, either over ice or hot. We also tried a plain old slug of the stuff at room temperature, and found it delicious — chocolatey and bright, with a complex flavor. Now, some enterprising local bartender has got to come up with a good alcohol-based use for this stuff. Loveland Coffee is available at the company’s drive-thru kiosk in the Murraywood Shopping Center in Irmo.

Ooh! And if you like your iced coffee a little sweet, DIY some simple syrup if you don’t already have some at home (which is a kitchen staple in warmer months). I like this recipe via The Kitchn–very simple.simple syrup

Here’s Loveland Coffee’s Facebook and Twitter links. Follow them, folks.

And for a quick outtake b/c I’m obsessed with this little cutie (I mean, check out that guy-liner):photo 2


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