I love a good contest as y’all might know. I won a gift basket from Whole Foods a few months ago when we first got one in Columbia…and I’ve been featured on another awesome blog, which is cool! One of my favorite blogs Design*Sponge asked folks to share pictures of their favorite old homes, old house features, etc., I knew just what to share…enter my creepy/awesome office.


Several months ago I started a new job and was quickly employed in a couple of the most stunning old southern buildings in downtown Columbia, SC. All historically registered (and possibly haunted considering my early mornings alone in these buildings…), they’re pretty spectacular. And I supposed Design*Sponge agreed since they posted one of my Instagram shots on their blog!

I am a serious lover of old houses jam packed with character. Wide molding. Hardwood floors. Grand staircases. Plantation shutters. Crystal doorknobs. It’s all amazing. But these stairs look like they’re headed into a really good (or scary) story, and either way, I love them.

Some of my other favorites from D*S’s #DSOldHouse contest!DSoldhouse_2




Do you like old houses or think they’re terrible? I love the porches and the stories they tell. Even if you don’t know their story, you can create a pretty spectacular one in your head, which I like to do. New houses aren’t really my taste…I love charm. And ghosts.


2 thoughts on “#DSOldHouse

  1. The only thing good about that dog one is the dog (and that cool white window pane thingy). I grew up in an old house (now 120 years old, so, duh, i love them) that my mom has done wonders with it! She should have posted pictures to this contest!

    (…there i go commenting again.)

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