Spring Into: Vests

Uh…anyone else had enough snow and cold weather? Are y’all cursing the groundhog also?  After a few days of being snowed in and being bundled on every dog walk…I’ve seen enough snow. And I gotta say, I like cold weather. Don’t get me wrong. But let’s get ready for spring shall we? Luckily here in SC, it will hopefully come along pretty soon. So one of the best items to transition from winter to spring (in my opinion) is a good vest.

I’ve got a couple options that I’m really into right now, so let’s share those bad boys!spring vests

1.  Alice + Olivia Gold Vestvest bloomingdales

2. Zara Quilted WaistcoatVEST zara

3. Quilted Striped J.Crew Vestvestjcrew

4. J.Crew Denim Vestvest

5. Ambition Military Vestvest nordstrom

6. Anthropologie Anorak Vestanthro vest

7. CiChic Blue Hooded Vestunder 50

So why do I love the vest? A few reasons actually.

One: it’s gives an additional light layer which is great for transitioning seasons.

Two: Adds color or texture to a plain base (black dress with army green vest…good choice).

Three: They can be really slimming and shape-giving. Wearing a flowy shirt under a vest is a great way to hide your stomach area and still give you the shape of a woman. Helloooo waist.

Four: They are almost an accessory. I try to keep it simple with a vest on because you don’t need too much more, but a cute vest with a little gold necklace, your favorite jeans and a white tee shirt…yep, that’s good.

Five: Can be worn with a lot of different things (dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans), but pay attention to the length of your vest and where it hits! What do I mean? HINTS: Longer vests…great with long pants. Short or cropped vest: great with a little dress or something more casual. Not following?

Here, let me show you. Don’t do short vest with crop top and shorts or something weird like that.vest yes or noAnd by weird I mean that flesh colored tee shirt on the right. Creeper.

So which vests are your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know!q


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