“Iced” Old Fashioned

The great ice storm has officially been rocking the southeast. Literally, it feels like small rocks are falling constantly outside. The dog is restless because he’s used to several walks a day, and right now David and I don’t want to even step outside. So, last night, we experimented with new cocktails instead. Trying out new drinks (particularly bourbon since it keeps you so toasty and warm) is a great way to spend your time snowed in. Hey, I never understood why people rush to the store for perishables like eggs and milk. When it gets dicey here, we make sure we have cans of soup, beans, water and booze. Really, what else do you need? So here we go.bourbon-old-fashioned

20140212-140800.jpgI make David do the cocktail mixing because he wears plaid shirts and has a mustache like most trendy mixologists. He also likes to use a mason jar, so let’s just say we’re basically really hip. HAH! Kidding, but he does love bourbon and plaid. Just sayin’.
20140212-140717.jpgThis time around, David used this Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mixer and it is really good (if you’re into a stiff medicinal tasting cocktails like we are). Their recipe calls for 1 part mixer to 4 parts bourbon. So we did 2 oz of bourbon and then added the mixer, added some blood orange since that’s the citrus we had, and shook it vigorously in a cocktail shaker for about 45 seconds to a minute. Here is the instructional video from the folks at Bittermilk.

Perfect snowed in cocktail for ya.20140212-135040.jpg
20140212-135051.jpgHey, if you can’t go anywhere, you may as well enjoy yourself! (PS: I’m making light of the weather, but I hope no one is driving out there, and if you have to, please be safe and slow). Oh, and if you have to drive somewhere, don’t make this drink. The recipe will be in the cocktail section of the recipe page, it’s not going anywhere. Be safe!


4 thoughts on ““Iced” Old Fashioned

  1. Love the idea of snowy cocktails but you know how I feel about bourbon.

    PS – Riddle me this? What workout are we doing to do together while I’m in SC visiting? 😉

    • I’m not sure I know how you feel about bourbon…lol…or maybe I do…

      We have options…Jamie Scott Fitness is our new boutique gym (wall yoga?), and they have fun classes and good spin. David is also doing T25 so I know you love that! I wish we still had bootcamp so you could try that!

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