Cute VDay Snail Mail

David and I like Valentine’s Day. I know all couples are different on this one. Sure, it’s just another day, but for some reason, I’ve always enjoyed Valentines Day. It’s always a “little” holiday for us. We don’t do anything big or expensive. It can just be a card or flowers, something small to just say I love you today, AND everyday.

So since I’m all about the little gifts, I thought I’d share some of my favorite cards. I love sending and getting snail mail, so these are great for anyone, significant other, friends or family.hearts1. To My Significant Otterotter2. You’re My Everything (Bagel)bagel3.  Loving You More Wooden Cardwood card4.  Valentine Balloon Cardballoon5.  You’re the Bee’s Kneesbees knees6. Love You More than Coffeecoffee7.  Valentine’s Chocolatechocolate8.  Let’s Make This Last Foreverheart9. Phone in Bed Valentine 

phoneAren’t these great? Which ones are your favorite? I like all of them, obviously! See?! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy. Just show a little love to your loved ones–everyone loves to get mail these days! And preferably not in the form of an Edible Arrangement…because those are a little lot weird.


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