Instagram Favorites: Dog Lovers

Hey friends! Crazy week doesn’t even fully describe what has been going on over here. A week full of ups and downs, and I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent. I kind of promised myself I wouldn’t be a writer/blogger that always apologizes for not being present, and so I’ll quickly move on, but man…it feels good to be writing again!

I love a fun Friday post around here. You know what else I love? My dog. Yep, I’m one of those folks that thinks dogs are an extension of our soul. I’ve learned a lot about life from my dog, and all the dogs I’ve grown up with. So yeah, I love em, and you should too. So continuing with my little series over here, let’s get on with 5 Instagram folks you should follow–this week, all dog people. And basically just really great dogs and really great photography–isn’t that what Instagram is about?dog loversStarting off…

1.JERMZLEEJERMZLEEJeremy Veach has over 173,000 Instagram follows for his sweet boy, Norm. Oh and the best part? His pictures are great, and they’re almost all for sale here. How great is this guy and his pug Norm. Great, I tell ya.

2. LOVEYABEANITloveyabeanitAlright, alright, shameless plug I s’pose. But I’ve got cute dog, Colonel Mustard. And if you like cute dogs, you should be following me on Instagram. And keep reading here on this ol’ blog.  Honest! I’ll fill your feed with cute doggie pics! (Check on my feed on the right hand sidebar for a sampler). And plus, how can you not love this guy?

3. PITBULLINSTAGRAM pb instagramI’m a sucker for the bad boys I guess. And since pit bulls do have the worst rap, I guess I love em’. I mean, look at those huge heads and those sweet eyes. They’re great. I hope you don’t discriminate against these big boys. Dogs are animals, folks, the best animals out there.

4. NORTHWESTMOMMYnw mommyI wish I remembered how I came across this lovely mamma and her babies2 of which are large and furry newfoundlands, and one is her super cute son, Julian. But ever since I started following her on Instagram, how do I put itI basically wanted her life. Here’s her websitesee for yourself. I mean, she spends her life with her son and dogs, and horses, on the beaches of the pacific northwest. It probably involves big sweaters, lush forests, and hot coffee, and I want all of that in my life right this second.

5. THISWILDIDEATHIS WILD IDEAPerhaps the most popular dog on the list, Maggie the Coonhound has become a little bit of a dog celebrity on Instagram (and probably in Urban Outfitters). Theron Henry is the man behind This Wild Idea. Check out his site here, and read the bio, because it’s kind of lovely (oh, and any fellow southerner is a friend of ours here at LYBI). PLUS, Theron and Maggie did a series on shelter dogs, which you know from here and here, I’m a major supporter of.

Hope you guys love these little furry babies as much as I do. There are so many more great pictures and it was really hard to choose three for the headers, so check them out, so you can follow and see more pics. Remember, click on the links above for the links to these folks Instagram pages. Happy Friday y’all!


4 thoughts on “Instagram Favorites: Dog Lovers

  1. I LOVE Maddie the Coonhound! I also follow @bloodhoundsofinstagram and @coonhoundsofinstagram cause I will have both some day. And #gsp and #germanshorthairpointer are two faves to search cause it’s basically pictures of my ‘tweet baby angel, Etta.

    Love this post Bean!

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