LYBI Book Club: February

Picture this. I am ten years old. My older sister is thirteen, and my little sister is three. We are all crammed in my parents minivan, the newer-way-more-awesome model, with…ready for it…captains chairs. And we start down the road for a family fun-filled vacation. And usually, we’d hit the highway and my parents would turn on a book on tape. Whining would immediately ensue from the backseat…”ughhhhh…mohhhhmmmmm…” and, “how can you listen to this? ugh! so boring!” “His voice is so…ughhhhhghh!” I guess for us, anything that wasn’t the music from our Walkman and Discman (yeah, I went there) wasn’t acceptable. If it’s not Ace of Base or Spin Doctors, we weren’t interested. “Mom and Dad! Ugh! Turn it down! I can hear that narrator talking through my headphones”…

And then it happened. Fast forward fifteen or so years and I lived in NY. And had an hour train commute to grad school and my internship. And lugged around enough Harry Potter sized books for leisure reading to then realize…I need to try that audiobook type thing. That would be way easier, particularly on my arms, and my purse straps. And since then, I’m totally a convert. I read WAY more via audiobook than actual book. I know, I know, the debate always ensues about whether or not it is actually “reading” then, and it doesn’t really matter to me. I “read” way more books in a month or year this way than I ever have before, and to me, that’s a pretty brain-healthy thing to do. And if you’re wondering, I always download from and then I import the books to my phone via my Audible app. It’s the logoSince I’ve read a lot and always want to talk theories afterwards (sorry David…) I’ve thought about incorporating books into this blog somehow, since it’s pretty much about a little bit of everything. Then something even better happened. One of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess started a Book Club this year (via their blog). So instead of doing my own thing when someone else is doing it really well already (can you tell I work at a nonprofit), I figured I’d jump on their train and…read along with them! We have similar tastes in a lot of things…mainly home decor and whiskey drinks, so I figured, they would probably pick good books too. So here’s what’s up.The Fault in Our StarsFor February Book Club at ABM, it’s The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. It has gotten great reviews and is supposed to be a movie soon, so I want to read it first. I just downloaded it, and I’m sure you could get a free copy at the library (it’s around $10 on Amazon). But again, audio is the way to go for movers and shakers, so yeah, I love it.

And then at the end of the month, they’ll post discussion questions (which I’ll link to). Unlike other book clubs I’ve been it, it’ll probably involve a lot less cheese and wine, but maybe more discussion about the book 🙂  book clubSo let’s give it a shot! Looking for something new to read? Why not start now!

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