Treat Yo Self

Here is a quick round up of all of my favorite valentines sweets this year. I love ending most meals with a little something sweet…even if it’s a little bite of dark chocolate or a mini twix bar–frozen of course. So as Donna and Tom of Parks and Recreation would say, ‘treat yo self’. And since it’s Monday, treat yo self. valentine

dessert roundup

  1. Heart Cookie with Chocolate Filling
  2. Donut Gift Boxes
  3. Heart Rice Krispie Treat
  4. Heart Miniature Loaf
  5. Dark Chocolate Donut with Blood Orange Glaze
  6. Love Ya Bean It Shortbread Donut Trio 
  7. Heart Sugar Cookies
  8. Homemade Pomegranate Fortune Cookie
  9. Linzer Heart Cookie

Which ones look the best? I am always a sucker for a chocolate donut, and that rice kris pie treat is looking’ pretty good right now! Happy Monday everyone!



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