What to Wear: Snow Day

Happy Snow Day, South Carolina! Everyone has heard that the South shuts down when it starts to flurry and today is no exception. And after living in NY, I totally see why. When it would snow in NY (like feet, not inches), the salt trucks were out the night before, the snow plows were out in major parts of the city, and their main mode of transportation…is underground. Even then, if you didn’t feel safe driving (if you even had a car in NY), you could take a cab wherever you needed to go.

South Carolina is completely different. Today, we’re expecting 2-4 inches. No big deal, right? Well, people here can’t drive very well in the snow (lack of practice I s’pose), and usually with snow, we get a lot of ice, which does indeed make it dangerous out there. Everything in Columbia is closed today, which is great (except that I’m out of half and half for my coffee) for keeping everyone safe and sound.

So why did I give you all this info you probably already know? Because being out in this weather is all about the proper gear. I plan to walk my dog like I normally would today, regardless of the weather. But being “out in the elements” requires the proper gear. So here’s what I suggest. Good coat. Good shoes. And then add the accessories. Take a look!What to Wear Snow DayGood shoes/boots are super important. You can be out in the snow and be totally warm if your feet are protected. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites here. snow boots

Tall Hunter Boots // Sorel Caribou Reserve // Sperry Topsider Shearling for J.Crew // North Face Snow Booties // Hunter Duck Boot // LL Bean Boot with Felt // Puma City Snow Boot // Electric Karma Rain Boot

What else is super important? A good coat. And the good news is that puffer-coats don’t have to be super unflattering and ugly now. So here are some of my favorite coats this year. (And here’s a trick if you shop online like me: pick a puffer that already has “shape” without a model in it. So you want one with a waist or a belt, or something to define your body so you don’t look like a box).

Perfect PuffersTimberland Green Down Parka // Zara Quilted Anorak with Collar // Stand Collar with Fur Belted Down Jacket // Wool Lapel Down Jacket // Theory and Uniqlo Long Black Down Jacket // The North Face Black Down Jacket // Zara Puffer Jacket with Wraparound Collar // Nicole Miller Color Block Parka

I kept the colors mostly neutral because for something that you’d be wearing a lot (coat and shoes), you need it to go with everything. After the coat and shoes, you’ve gotta have warm hands and feet. This is where you can add color or patterns more easily. I’m really into a bright pink glove, striped mittens, or a bright red hat with all of these because well…hats and gloves are a lot cheaper than coats and so they can be more interchangeable and more like “accessories”. Don’t forget them though, they’re equally as important!

Hope everyone enjoys the snow day, I love the south!



6 thoughts on “What to Wear: Snow Day

  1. Speak for yourself young lady, I’m working – welcome to the wonderful world of health care!!! Stay warm and safe and have a cup of coffee for me!

      • Palmetto Health, we never sleep…did get done early and may not work tomorrow but hate to burn PTO that way but my patients are all tucked in for the duration. I wouldn’t mind a snow day. Enjoy!!

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