DIY: Teeny Tiny Planters

So, I was perusing Hobby Lobby this past weekend after David and I had a major DIY-FAIL-MOMENT, waiting for some new DIY inspiration to come to me. And it certainly did, oooh boy. But let me harp on the failure real quick before I get to the awesome project I did instead.

Our entryway, like most entryways, is a dumping ground for everything. Mail. Leashes. Coats. Shoes. Gloves. Hats. Cups. Mugs. Umbrellas. You get the idea. And the spill-over into the living room was getting a little out of hand, so we wanted to create some storage solution in the entryway. We need a coat rack, and shelves. And a chair. And hidden storage. And all of the above. So enter this great West Elm piece. Pipeline Hall TreeThe Pipeline Hall Tree is great for storage, and it would fit perfectly–but it was $399…and we didn’t like that. And it looked easy enough to DIY since we’ve worked with pipe before. So we went to Lowe’s and started our shopping. After about an hour plus in Lowe’s figuring it all out, we went happily to the register. That’s when we realized that all of our pipe pieces that we needed (we hadn’t even bought the wood yet), were $360. WAIT, WHAT? Yeah. That happened. So we discussed and decided that since we hadn’t even gotten all the materials yet and we were already close to the price, at that rate, we may as well just buy the West Elm one. So we left Lowe’s empty handed (and empty stomached—which does not ever help you make decisions).

Then we went online to buy the $399 peice, and with taxes and shipping, it was almost $500, so we said, FUHHHGETABOUTIT. We like our messy entryway.

But anyways, I was in a project mood, so I went to Hobby Lobby and got some modeling clay (that you bake). And I decided I’d make some little planters for succulents and little tiny plants. I’d give instructions, but all you do is roll out the clay (which seems really dry at first but get’s more mold-able the longer you hold/roll it) into whatever shape you want and bake it. I did little planters.planter



DSC_0543Easy! Make sure you poke a hole in them for string, if you plan to hang them.DSC_0544Little tiny planters! So cute, right? I’ve hung mine in a cluster in the kitchen (good light for my little plants), but these could be a great little housewarming gift and were super easy to make!DSC_0561



DSC_0552Hope everyone has a nice weekend! I think my plans will include a lot of Emergen-C, tissues, cough drops and sleep… because I’m not feeling too hot. But hopefully yours will be much more exciting!



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