January Juicing

It’s a cruel cruel world to post about healthy things after that delicious donut recipe yesterday, I know. But I live a life of moderation. And when I have a donut for breakfast one day, I need something healthy the next day.

So…with the new year comes new goals and plans, right? And I wrote about my intentions here, one of which was taking better care of myself (mentally and physically). And one of the things that has really gotten my eating on the right track in the new year has been juicing. I wrote a preliminary post about my juicing adventure preparing to begin, and after a couple weeks, I’m back to report on my progress.juicing(image: A Beautiful Mess)
Let me start by saying that I am not trying to lose weight, or do any major cleanse. I am simply trying to get my body to be working to it’s best ability. Listening to my body when it likes and doesn’t like something–just paying closer attention to my skin, digestion, hunger, etc. so make sure that my body is getting what it needs, and nothing too excessive. Everything in moderation, right?

photo2So, juicing was a great way for me to make sure that I’m getting all the green veggies and fruits I could get to make my body happy. And after about 3 weeks of regular juicing (not quite daily, but probably 4 days/week), I can def say I’ve noticed some changes. I feel energized when I have my juice (which is usually first thing each morning), and I’m usually not hungry again until 10:30 or 11. I usually have my juice around 7:45a. photoBiggest juicing problems? The amount of “waste” from the juicer. I’ve heard you can compost this material, and even make muffins and things like that with the leftover mush. But I’ve yet to do anything like that, so I just throw it out which seems wasteful.

Also, our juicer works really well, but there are a lot of pieces to clean up after each juicing. This just means I have to give myself more time in the morning to rinse out each part of the juicer, and time to cut up the fruits and veggies. To save time, I’ve recently tried cutting up all my fruits/veggies ahead of time and bagging them as ‘Ready-to-Go’ into the juicer little kits. This is 3 days worth of juice kits for David and I.photo 1

photo 2Anyone else have any good juicing tips for those of us that work early in the morning? I’ve heard that you really shouldn’t juice the night before because the best time to drink it is within 20-30 minutes of juicing, so…unless I want to leave a nasty mess each morning in the kitchen for David, I think I’ll just have to get up 10 minutes earlier.

Who else is a successful juicer? I am really enjoying it so far. I’ve made some really delicious juices and some that are really nasty. Hint: 2 strawberries does not sweeten it enough when you have kale, celery and lemon in there. Just sayin’.



3 thoughts on “January Juicing

  1. Looks delicious!! At Zeal, we use leftover carrot pulp to make our falafel. We also use carrot and beet pulp for dressings! Just a tip 🙂

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